The V International cultural-historical summer school will be held in “Ershovo” holiday hotel.

It is located in Moscow region (40 km. from Moscow) near the beautiful old town of Zvenigorod (in fact it is one of the oldest towns in Moscow region). The area around Zvenigorod is one of the most picturesque places around and is tightly related to the names of A.P. Chekhov, A.S. Pushkin, I.I. Levitan and other Russian poets and artists. The territory, where now stands the “Ershovo” hotel once belong to the rich and famous count Olsufiev and it still retain its former beauty.

The “Ershovo” itself is offering wide variety of options to relax after school's lectures and workshops. Among them are swimming pool, bowling, pool, open sport areas, tennis court, horse club, internet and others.

There is also wide choice of rooms for accommodation – from cheap standard rooms to good-looking semi-lux and lux rooms.

More information about the "Ershovo" hotel can be foundat their official website:

Please note that the information from the website will be translated to English and posted here soon.