Preparation for the conference

Conference fees.

To take part in the conference all participants should pay the participation fee. The participation fee for academics is 200 EUR. The participation fee for students is 75 EUR without presentation/publication and 125 EUR with the presentation/publication. Please note, this fee is primarily spent on the services of the student-translator. If you do not require one, the fee can be lowered. Please send us an email to learn more.

Collected articles book publication.

Conference participants may publish their papers in the conference collected articles book. To do this, they are required to send their paper\papers or abstracts in electronic form to e-mail no later than October 1st.

As it was last year, participants, who won't be able to send us their papers in time, can publish in the second volume of the collected articles, which will be issued after the conference. Please send us an email if you want to learn more about it.

Conference program.

All the participants will get their copy of the conference program (in English) during the registration in RSUH. We also try to email the program to our participants prior to the conference, but it is not always possible to prepare an English version of the program so early. If you would like to recieve an electronic copy of the Russian program via email please send us an email.

Additional documents.

The conference organization team will provide the following documents if needed:

- simple invitation, signed by the director of L.S. Vygotsky Institute of Psychology (without stamp)
- acceptance letter (stating that your publication has been accepted as a presentation)
- certificate of participation


Meeting the participants.

The organization team will arrange the meeting of the participants at the University entrance. You can also make arrangements with your student-advisor prior to the conference if you have been given his\her email. If no one is there to greet you, you can always contact one of the organizers: Anton Maksimov's phone number should be sent to you by email.

The conference will be held at the Russian State University for the Humanities building. Official address: “Novoslobodskaya” metro station, Chayanova street, building 15. Registration of the participants will be held in the central building hall (near room 227).


Please note that organization team do not provide accommodation for the participants. But if you would like us to help you find accommodation in Moscow, please send us a letter to and we will try to help you to the best of our ability.


The program includes coffee breaks. During a coffee break you can have a light snack at the Institute of Psychology hall (near the 390 room) or visit RSUH cafeteria. Also there are various grocerie stores, restaurants and fast-foods around the university. If you have questions about meal organization, please address them to one of the student advisors or organization team members.

Cultural program.

During the conference you will be offered to take part in the birthday celebration of L.S. Vygotsky Institute of Psychology which will usually be held at the last day of the conference. We are gladly inviting all participants to join the celebration. If you are interested in other opportunities, for example theater tickets, please address them to one of student advisors or organization team members.

During the conference


Many participants will be using presentations in MS PowerPoint during their speeches. Each section will have its own projector and a laptop. A special person will be assigned to help you with that.

To avoid the delays before the presentation please make sure you have portable data carrier (flash card, CD etc.) and transfer your presentation to the laptop before the section begins.

If your presentation include video-materials, which need to be presented with sound, please note that not all laptops are able to provide the necessary sound quality.


Conference's work languages are Russian and English. You will be assigned a student advisor who will translate presentations and conversations for you (and also you own presentation for other participants) to the best of his\her ability.

For their convinience please provide the full text of your speech beforehand, if possible, so your student advisor could have more time to prepare for the translation.

Thank you in advance.